Pets are like kids. totally unpredictable. The key to pet portrait sessions is slaying relaxed and having fun with it. I like to have your pets get acquainted with me and their surroundings before actually starting your session. Once they're comfortable then we'll get down to business. I hope this guide helps to give you a good understanding of what to expect. I look forward to meeting you and your four legged kids! 

THANK you FOR choosing


what's best for your animal


The point in doing an outdoor session is to create images of your animal in a natural setting. It's where they are most natu­ral and it's typically less stressful for them. If you have a favorite spot you go to regularly. chances are that's going to work best.

The thing to think about when choosing an outdoor location is to make sure it's not too busy of a spot as that will be too distracting for both you and your pet. Quiet spots are the best choice. If we're doing an Urban spot. most likely your pet is used to this environment. but let's talk about what's best.

I always have water available. in-studio or a travel bowl. but it can never hurt to have extra water when we're working outside. 

Cats & Small Pets

Typically they are best photographed in their own environment. your home. If we are doing a home shoot. please make sure the room(s) are tidy. as clutter will take away from creating beautiful images showcasing your pet. 


Most trained dogs are good in either indoor or outdoor setting. If you are looking for more formal portraits the studio or your home is probably the best location. Otherwise. we can use your backyard or a park. 

Action Shots

Safety is my first priority. That being said, if your dog is well behaved and trained. we can use a park or favorite outdoor location where they have room to run and jump.

Best advise always is to go with the flow, don't get upset if the session isn't going the way you thought it would It will all work out.


Remember this is a new setting for them. so it may take a bit for them to settle and be comfortable Keeping calm is the key and letting them explore a bit helps. You can practice having them walk over paper laid on the floor to get them used to standing or sitting on the paper backdrop I use. I have chairs and a couch that I use as well.

If the studio session is proving too stressful for your pet. let's simply stop and arrange to do the session at your home or if workable. a park. There is simply no point in stressing your animal out.


If your animal is small or tends to be nervous. a home ses­sion might be the best choice for both you and them Tips for doing an in-home session is to de-clutter the area(s) we'll be shooting in. Choose rooms with good. natural lighting. Open all the curtains/shades to let in the most natural light possible. I do bring small studio lights to use if needed. 

portrait sessions

Petite Session

on location SESSIONS

- Complimentary over the phone consultation 
- Up to 30minutes of shooting time with Olin in our Sacramento studio
- Up to 2 family pets. 
- In person viewing and design session 

- Complimentary over the phone consultation 
- Up to 45 minutes of shooting time with Olin on location
- Up to 2 family pets. 
- In person viewing and design session 

Perfect for your pet family, this package has you covered

Let's get outdoors and get some action shots! 

Memory Tribute Package

This is a very special session for owners with pets facing age and health issues. A way of treasuring and preserving memories of our special friends. I strive to capture that incredible bond and love you have by creating images that include you and your family. both four legged and two legged.

- Complimentary over the phone consultation 
- 45 minutes of shooting time with Olin in our Sacramento studio
- Up to 1 honored family pet. 
- Up to 2 human family members 
- In person viewing and design session 
- A 8x10 gift print to memorialize your companion 

you know we are meow & woof buddies if

Your pet is your fur kid

You gives the best belly rubs

You laugh with and at your pet

You share your chips with your pet

You believe in the goodness of pets

You remember every pet you've ever had

You cried at Marley and Me. because we bawled!

You sing with your pet

You have a voice for each of your pet

product collections



BASIC                                $1200 

$1000 BONUS




CHILL                                 $2000 


$500 BONUS



FRESH                                $2800 

$1500 BONUS



DIGITAL                              $3600 






$2000 BONUS

LOVE                                $4200 





$3000 BONUS


FANCY                            $5000 

most popular!

Custom design albums. The top number is the number of photos included. The bottom is the size of the square book

High resolution digital files of your chosen imagse that will be available for download. Collections below DIGITAL include the digital images picked for your album or box. 

A hinged wood box with your favorite images as thick matted prints

A mobile phone app of 100 of your favorite images to share with your friends and will be available for download

Your included bonuses that you can spend on bonus and a la carte items


Free Signature Session fee. Choose between Pet, Family or Teen Photo sessions


Product collections are additional and outside of your session and can be purchased before or after your session.

Free Sessions have 0 monetary value, are non transferable and cannot be traded for cash value.

Bonus Products

Album Upgrades

$100 EACH

$200 EACH

  • Velvet cover
  • Engraving
  • Gilding
  • Matte Pages

  • Acrylic Cover
  • Metal Cover
  • Album Box
  • Set of 25 Greeting Cards
  • Wallet prints - 1 sheet of 12

Collection extras

1 Digital Image - $199
2 - 8 Digital Images - $999
1 - 8 Gift Prints - $899

A La Carte

Mini  /11x14                                         $800
Small / 16x24                                     $1400
Standard / 20x30                             $2000
Grand / 24x26                                   $2800
Impact / 30x40                                $3300

wall collections of framed prints in mats

$100 EACH

$400 EACH

  • Metal 5x7 tabletop print
  • Retroviewer with 1 reel
  • 3 photo collage in a 10x20 design
  • 2 accordion mini albums
  • Acrylic block up to 8x10

$800 EACH

  • 12 month calendar
  • Slideshow of images
  • Mobile App with All Images

$1200 EACH

  • Box of 4x6 Prints with Photo Cover
Choice of Framed Wall Gallery      $2600
2 16X20 AND 2 11X14
4 16X16
2 16X20 AND 2 11X14 

4 photos in a 12x12 design                   $800
9 photos in a 16x16 design                  $1200
9 photos in a 24x30 design                $1800

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect during a PET PHOTOS BY OLIN Pet Portraits session?

The most important thing is that we talk and plan your session. Don't get frustrated if on the day of your session things don't go exactly as planned. they almost always don't. That being said. if we all stay relaxed we'll have a fun and relaxed session. My primary focus is the comfort and ease of your pet. We take breaks to ensure time for belly rubs and changing your pet's focus if needed. I shoot in a very relaxed manner to ensure that you and your your pet have a great time. My background as a dog trainer serves to adequately and skillfully work with any type of dog personality.

How to Book your Pet Portrait Session.

Simply fill out our booking form on my website or give me a call at (415) 513-5761. We will do our pre-shoot consult when you call and get to know you better. Donna will answer all of your questions and we can finalize a shoot date. To secure your shoot date. a non refundable session fee is required. which will be invoiced at time of booking and can be done on line. We email you a contract and invoice that you can pay on line with a Credit Card or check. 

Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes. we will email you a online contract that explains what's included in your session. as well as a release form stating I retain rights to all images and can use them in my Studio marketing. It's all very straightforward and easy! 

How soon will I be able to see my photos?

Between 2-3 weeks after our photo shoot we will meet again for your design and ordering session. All images in your gallery will be edited and ready for you to view and we will assist you in choosing your favorite photos and how you want to display them.

Do you use flash when shooting.

Only indoors. I actually prefer shooting in natural light. but will use studio lights when needed indoors.

What if my pet(s) is too hyper or nervous.

Typically. most are a bit nervous in the beginning of the session but will settle down if everyone stays calm. We can get some great shots of them jumping and running around outside or cuddling with you if we are shooting in my studio. If it's just not working out. we may just arrange to come and shoot at your home where they will feel less stressed.

Can I request an outdoor pet photo session?

Absolutely! I offer outdoor, at home and in-studio sessions.

What happens if there is bad weather the day of our session?

We simply reschedule either for better weather day or change to an at home or in-studio session if there is an urgent need to get the session done. 

Do you photograph other pets other than cats and dogs?

Definitely. whatever type of pet you have. I would love to photograph them for you. Or a combination of different types of pets together!

How far in advance should I book my pet photography session? 

I recommend booking your Pet Portrait Session at a couple weeks or more in advance. I can sometimes fit you in on shorter notice. but no guarantee.

Are digital files included? 

Digital files can be purchased separately. However. most of our clients opt to purchase wall galleries or an album A digital slideshow of all your images is free to all purchases above $2000 and is a great option for clients wanting digital images.

How do we order our images?

Approximately 2 weeks after your photo session. we invite you back to our Sacramento studio for your design session where you will be able to view all your images and make all your purchases. We will also be guiding and assisting you in choosing your images for prints, albums and wall art as well as designing your wall galleries with you. This is the best part of the whole process. Because the design session is the only time to make your purchase, we ask that all decision makers be present. 

Giving back


My life is lived surrounded by loving animals and I believe that time spent giving back is of utmost importance. At times it breaks my heart to know there are so many loving animals without homes. but if I and others do their part. we can find homes for many of these amazing animals.

So not only do I volunteer at Front Street Animal Shelter. I take the very best images I can of dogs. cats. horses and other animals that need homes, so people can see and adopt them. Pictures tell their story like nothing else can. Some are older animals whose elderly Mom or Dad have left us and some are animals that have been lost or left behind.

They deserve to be loved, please support your local Rescue or Animal Shelter in any way you can.

- Volunteer
- Donate Food
- Donate Money
- Share Images & Info that helps them get adopted

Give me a call and I'll be happy to direct you to a local Rescue or Shelter where you can find your best friend, donate much needed

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our contact form. We can't wait to get to know you better.


Olin is available weekdays and select weekends for pet photography sessions in Sacramento, Napa, Sonoma and San Francisco unless she is traveling to photograph weddings internationally.

Be sure to ask us any questions. We’re happy to help!
or (888) 518-6575

we are so glad to hear from you! 



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